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September 26, 2006


Mark Levin

A tip of my frayed baseball cap to Joe.

A brilliant read on the situation.
Ashamed I didn't think of it

Can't say I buy the theory 100% but if Rove is as cunning as his detractors claim he is, it IS a possibility. And if he caught the suckers with a sucker punch you have to draw a couple of conclusions:

1. The Democrats may be loud and repetitive but they certainly aren't very bright, and
2. If they can't out manuever Karl Rove they'd be in way over their head against North Korea, Iran, China and Hezbollah


well said...

is this the mighty famous Mark Levin leaving comments on the fine PH?

although Mr. Rove, the President, the Bush Administration are mighty fine, i feel their political success is based on sound policy, and the ability to remain resolved in the face of unethical opposition.

the defense of the USA, the strong fight in the GWOT, including the Battle for Iraq is simply the right thing to do.

in my humble opinion, in regards to the 'conspiracy of Rove', it is more likely these misguided Liberal Democrat Partisans are sinking themselves, desperate to oppose and undermine the Republicans without basis, or even contemplating the serious issues.

they seem to have the 'if Bush is for it, i am against it' fever, even when this means removing a monstrous dictator named Saddam, or protecting the USA from Terrorism.

rather pathetic

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